We are excited to present you our new line of removable pizza peels, an innovative product that will change the way you bake your favorite pizzas. We worked with passion to offer you the perfect solution to make your culinary experience even more special.
Buying this set of removable pizza peels you’ll benefit from:

Easy assembly: you can assemble and disassemble your peels in a few simple steps, thanks to an intuitive and very fast system.

Compactness: thanks to their compact packaging, you can store the peels optimizing space.

Easy transport: our removable peels can be easily disassembled into smaller parts, so they can be carried comfortably. This way, you can take your tools wherever you want.

Quality materials: the blades are produced with high quality materials to ensure durability and resistance over time. 

Attractive design: the peels are practical to use, but without sacrificing the touch of style that characterizes Giemme Spoleto products.

Versatility: Our line of removable peels offers the possibility to choose the length of the handle, to adapt to your specific needs and different situations of use.

Ergonomics: the removable peels are designed with special care to ensure excellent ergonomics, facilitating your pizza preparation experience.

Safety and hygiene: food safety is essential. The aluminium of the removable peels is easy to clean to ensure impeccable hygiene.

For more details about our new line of removable pizza peels, visit our product page. You can find technical specifications and many other information you will need to choose the right peels for you.

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