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pizza peels, rotisserie and
ovens accessories
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quality materials
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pala per pizza smontabili - professional pizza peel - palas profesionales para pizza
Cooking Innovation: removable pizza peels

We are excited to present you our new line of removable pizza peels, an innovative product that will change the way you bake your favorite pizzas. We worked with passion to offer you the perfect solution to make your culinary experience even more special.

Find out what the advantages are of buying this set of pizza peels with removable handle!


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A new generation of Pizza peels

Giemme Spoleto conceived, designed and created a new generation of pizza peels from the encounter between the most modern production techniques and the creativity of the team of design experts of the company.

The intent was to design a new and unique product for professional pizza chefs or for all those who, while preparing pizzas for hobby, don’t want to give up the use of a professional and highly performing product.

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pala per pizza professionale - professional pizza peel - palas de pizza profesionales - pelle à pizza professionelle
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