Rotisserie accessories

Giemme Spoleto not only produces rotisseries, but also all the accessories and spare parts that will make your spit roasting experience exceptional. Just like our rotisseries, all our accessories are handcrafted by us with the meticulous attention to detail that has characterised our company since it was founded in 1967. That’s precisely why we are a leader in the field and why we are appreciated by an ever-growing clientele, both among professionals in spit-roasting cuisine and simple lovers of roast meat.

Moreover, all the products you will find in our catalogue are of the highest quality and comply with all EU directives on safety in electrical and electronic equipments. Click on the various categories of rotisseries accessories to find out more: chestnut roaster, rotating grills, stainless steel drip pans, cage spits, planetary spits and spare parts for rotisseries. If you have any further questions, also about shipping, you can call directly our offices. We are always available to clarify any doubts.

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Planetary Spit

Price €65.70
17 Review(s)
to roast wild meat, meat and fish skewers, sausages, liver skewers Total length: 70 or 80 cm Supplied skewers: 3      Applicable skewers:...

Star-shaped Planetary Spit

Price €74.70
5 Review(s)
total length: 70 or 80 cm Supplied skewers:  3       Applicable skewers: max. 12

Stainless Steel Drip Pan

Price €62.40
10 Review(s)
Aisi 304 stainless steel receptacle for collecting fat juices dripping from the spit Width: 59 or 79 cm.

Rotating Grill

Price €51.40
8 Review(s)
ideal to cook meat, poultry, fish and vegetables Total length: 60 – 68 – 78 cm

Cage Spit

Price €44.00
8 Review(s)
to roast chickens, pieces of lamb, pheasants, woodcocks, partridges, hares, wild rabbits Total length: 60 – 68 – 78 cm

Chestnut Roaster

Price €69.20
5 Review(s)
70 cm length accessory to roast chestnuts, baked potatoes and vegetables.

Skewer For Planetary Spit

Price €10.20
4 Review(s)
replacement skewer for Planetary Spit Total length: 50 or 60 cm
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