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Tools deigned to prepare and serve food must guarantee high hygiene levels, for this reason, and thanks to its inalterability, stainless steel is almost always a mandatory choice.

Giemme Spoleto realised the HOBBY LINE oven peels in Aisi 430 stainless steel. Aisi 430 steel is a ferric stainless steel, which means that this material is less noble and cheaper than AISI 304, although likewise useful.

These pizza peels are ideal for everyone who enjoys cooking pizzas at home, in the wood-fired oven, and wants to purchase a high-quality product that guarantees perfect results, without having to spend too much money.

We offer you the possibility to select the sizes of the plate, according to the diameter of the pizzas you will cook, and the length of the stick, so that your peel fits perfectly to your oven. You don’t know how to choose among our different pizza peels? We added a short guide in every product page to help you. Find out our Hobby line pizza peel sets in AISI stainless steel, all entirely produced in our factory with the utmost care and highly resistant materials.

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