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Rotisserie C Adjustable

Price €110.50
32 Review(s)
electric, base and top in metal sheet, 1 motor, adjustable skewer, capacity up to 6 kg

Skewer For Planetary Spit

Price €10.20
4 Review(s)
replacement skewer for Planetary Spit Total length: 50 or 60 cm

Planetary Spit

Price €65.70
17 Review(s)
to roast wild meat, meat and fish skewers, sausages, liver skewers Total length: 70 or 80 cm Supplied skewers: 3     Applicable skewers:...

Star-shaped Planetary Spit

Price €74.70
5 Review(s)
Total length: 70 or 80 cm Supplied skewers: 3      Applicable skewers: max. 12 Stainless steel
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