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set 4 removable pizza peels

Removable Pizza Peels - Set of 4 Tools

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  • 4 pizza peels
  • removable handle
  • peel to slide the pizza in the oven in aluminium
  • 2 lengths in a single package
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The pizza peels set with detachable handle is a practical, easily to carry tool set, made of anodized aluminum and stainless steel.

It is an ideal set for pizza professionals, but also for those who love to bake pizza at home and, thanks to the compact packaging, also for those who love to bake pizza at friends' house, being able to carry their own peels comfortably.

Combining the assemblable handles with the peels you can get 2 different lengths, one with the 56 cm long handle and the other with the 100 cm long handle.

The assemblable pizza peels can be extended as you like, being able to buy separately, by clicking on this link, as many extensions as you want.

This set consists of:

Pala per infornare la pizza piatto forato in alluminio

Rectangular peel to slide the pizza in the oven - perforated plate Ø cm 34 in anodised aluminium - stainless steel removable handle

Palino rotondo per girare smontabile

Small round peel to turn the pizza during baking - plate Ø cm. 22 in 18/10 stainless steel (Aisi 304) - stainless steel removable handle

Spazzola per forno smontabile

Oven brush with brass bristles - adjustable head - stainless steel removable handle

Pala spargibrace

 Ember mover - galvanised steel head - stainless steel removable handle


rectangular pizza peel removable handle
round pizza peel removable handle
oven brush removable handle
ember mover removable handle

The rectangular peel to slide the pizza in the oven is made in anodized aluminum, this material subjected to anodization acquires hardness, resistance to corrosion and wear.

The perforated plate of the pizza peel makes the pizza chef's work much easier offering countless advantages:

Lightness of the tool: the plate of the rectangular peel, having a perforated surface, weighs much less than a traditional non-perforated peel

Drastic reduction of friction: the holes on the surface of the plate have a particular rounded and bevelled shape. This facilitates the sliding of the pizza on the surface of the peel reducing considerably friction during loading

Less flour on the oven baking surface: when the dough is put on the peel, the holes allow the total release of excess flour. Excess flour under the pizza, if loaded would create black burn marks and make the dough more bitter. Less flour burnt in the oven also means that the pizza chef's work is easier to manage, as there is less need to clean the oven surface.

The components of the pizza peel set are very practical and functional, designed to slide in and take out pizzas and make the oven perfect for each new batch, making the process easier and more efficient.


Data sheet

Main material
Anodized aluminium
Other material
Stainless steel
Pro line
Pizza diameter
12.99 in.
Pizza peel set
Tools number
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