Complete rotisseries
Our electric fireplace rotisseries are among the most popular on the market. The care with which we handcraft these...
Rotisserie motors
Giemme Spoleto also offers a range of rotisserie motors, which are indispensable if you want to try building a...
Rotisserie spits
Skewering with a stick the food to be cooked on the flame and over embers has always been one of the most primitive...
Meat forks
The secret to a perfect roast is certainly to ensure that the meat remains firmly in place during cooking. If the...
Rotisserie supporting...
For a perfect spit roast, you need three fundamental elements: a rotisserie machine, a spit and a supporting column,...
Rotisserie accessories
Giemme Spoleto not only produces rotisseries, but also all the accessories and spare parts that will make your spit...

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Cage Spit

Price €44.00
8 Review(s)
to roast chickens, pieces of lamb, pheasants, woodcocks, partridges, hares, wild rabbits Total length: 60 – 68 – 78 cm

Chestnut Roaster

Price €69.20
5 Review(s)
70 cm length accessory to roast chestnuts, baked potatoes and vegetables.

Triangular section skewer

Price €14.10
1 Review(s)
6x6x6 mm triangular skewer length 60 or 90 cm without handgrip for motor with bayonet fitting

Squared section skewer 6x6 mm

Price €16.80
9 Review(s)
6x6 mm squared section skewer length 70, 80, 90 or 100 cm for motor with connection for universal joint

Squared section skewer 5x5 mm

Price €16.20
2 Review(s)
5x5 mm squared section skewer  – length 70 cm – for motor with connection for universal joint – ideal for wild meat
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