professional pizza peel

Round perforated pizza peel in aluminium

Tax included

plate in anodised aluminium

handle in anodised aluminium

perforated plate

for pizzas from 33 to 50 cm

Delivered in 2-4 working days
Handle length: 11.8 in / 30 cm
Pizza dimensions: Ø 13 in / 33 cm

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This peel is made in anodised aluminium. The care with which it has been designed and manufactured has resulted in the most suitable tool for professional pizza chefs.

The rounded shape of the peels allows an easy distribution of the pizzas inside the oven.


The presence of the holes offers countless advantages and makes the pizza chef's work much easier:

The tool is lighter: perforated peels have less material and therefore weigh less

The friction is drastically reduced: the special rounded and bevelled shape of the holes eases the sliding of the dough over the surface of the peel because it reduces considerably friction during loading

Less flour on the oven baking surface: when the dough is loaded onto the peel, the holes allow the total release of excess flour. Excess flour under the pizza, when loaded, would create black burn marks and make the dough more bitter. Less flour burnt in the oven also means that the pizza chef's work is easier to manage, as there is less need to clean the oven surface.


Round perforated peel in aluminium available in various lengths and plate sizes: choose the desired combination from the drop-down menus.

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Data sheet

Main material
Anodized aluminium
Pro line
Single pizza peel
Tools number
Peel to slide pizza in the oven

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