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spit for wild meat

Planetary Spit With Aesthetic Defects

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to roast wild meat, meat and fish skewers, sausages, liver skewers

Total length: 80 cm

Supplied skewers: 3     Applicable skewers: max. 6

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Total lenght: in. 31.49
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WARNING: This is of second choice product, which means that it consists of components that may have small defects, that do not compromise neither its robustness nor its functionality (for example small scratches, slight dents, other small defects, and so on).


The Giemme Spoleto planetary spit is the ideal tool to roast to perfection wild meat, meat and fish skewers, sausages, liver skewers and so on. Not suitable for galliform birds such as chickens, turkeys, partridges, guinea fowl

For a correct use, distribute the meat evenly along the entire length of the skewer and balance the weight between the skewers applied to the planetary spit.

This rotisserie skewer is a rotating spit made of sturdy chromed steel. It has a rounded central shaft with a diameter of 8 mm and a length of 80 cm. The central shaft of the skewer ends with a 5x5 mm squared milling on one side and a 7x7x7 mm triangular milling on the other side.

The rotary motion of the planetary spit, as its name indicates, is not only circular, but it is also powered by the special square-triangle device that causes the independent rotation of every skewer on its own axis, allowing an even cooking of the meat both over embers and with the heat of the flame.

The length of the skewers is 60 cm, for the skewer with 80 cm central shaft.

The skewers included are 3, but it is possible to use up to 6 spits at the same time (by purchasing them separately).

Cleaning is very easy: just use a normal dishwashing detergent and then rinse and dry thoroughly.

To find out other technical features, click on "DATA SHEET".

Watch the video of its fuctioning!


Data sheet

Main material
Stainless steel
Other material
Chromed steel
Net weigh
1,2 kg.
Total lenght
70/80 cm.
Skewers length
19.6 / 23.6 in.
Disc diameter
7.08 in.
Distance between the skewers and the central shaft
2.75 in.
Skewer section
0.19 in.

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