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GIEMME: since 1967 ... everything to cook on an open fire giving new taste to ancient flavours ...

Production and sale of pizza peels, rotisserie, accessories for rotisserie, baking trays and other utensils for the oven, the fireplace and the barbecue.

Pizza Peels

Pizza shovels

With the complete set of our pizza peels you will have everything you need to cook in a wood oven giving vent to your culinary imagination.

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GIEMME is your artisan fireplace rotisserie. A succulent spit-roasted chicken is the ideal solution to serve something healthy, tasty and appetizing. To meet all the demands of spit lovers, our sales catalogue offers different models of electric and non-electric rotisserie.

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Baking Trays

Baking tray

GIEMME produces high quality baking trays for both home and professional use. They are certified suitable for contact with food.
They are produced with the utmost care and become indispensable in the preparation of lasagna, pizzas, roasts, pies, bread and fermented products in general.

Baking trays


Oven thermometers

GIEMME oven thermometers are indispensable for both professional and home use, if you want your pizzas, roasts or desserts to be cooked to perfection.
The thermometers of our production are very precise and very resistant, as well as being manufactured respecting all the regulations in force in Europe.

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All our barbecues are professional products, created to satisfy even the most demanding customers. They are manufactured by hand with the utmost craftsmanship that has made GIEMME one of the leading companies in the sector.

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