Girarrosto elettrico polli

For these rotisserie models, we have thought of those who love the most classic of spit-roasted foods: chicken. Our electric chicken rotisseries are unique in their kind and perform the job perfectly. Want to savour a perfectly cooked chicken, crisp on the outside, but soft and tasty inside? The rotisserie you find in this section are for you. How many times, in fact, spit-roasted chickens that maybe have a crust and an inviting appearance, the meat is dry and stringy? Or that they are not well cooked and even the skin is soft? This will never happen with the chicken rotisserie that we offer. Click on one of the articles in the catalogue to find out technical specifications, prices and offers. If you want to know more about shipping, contact us by phone. All our products have been manufactured following the safety regulations in force in Europe.

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