Electric rotisseries for roast pork

Cooking a nice roasted pig on a spit is never easy. In fact, if you do not entrust yourself to a professional rotisserie able to support several kilos, could be an impossible task. Precisely with this problem in mind, we at GIEMME ave created, with meticulous care and craftsmanship, a series of porchetta electric rotisserie models. In our catalogue you will find everything you need and the right models to cook this delicious and typical dish of central Italy. These articles are ideal both at a professional level and at home. Thanks to our rotisserie (compliant with European standards) you will not be forced to buy pork in a rotisserie, but you can cook it yourself, choosing the grade of cooking you like best. Click on the articles below if you are interested in knowing all the technical specifications for these Giemme rotisserie models. If you still have doubts call us. We are always at your disposal.

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