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Giemme presents a range of handcrafted fruit presses. The various models proposed, always of the highest quality as produced in accordance with the European directives on the limitation of the use of hazardous substances in production, make it possible to find the most suitable product for different needs. Our juice presses are entirely handcrafted with the care and attention that has distinguished our company since its birth in 1967. Thanks to the incredible versatility, they can be used for many types of pressing. In fact, it is possible to squeeze not only grapes, but also citrus fruits, medicinal herbs and much more, making it extremely easy to make any type of liqueur or drink. The squeezing press is also very useful in the preparation of foods that include a pressing, such as honey or jams. Click on the proposed articles to see all the technical features and choose the right press. In case of further questions please contact us and we will immediately be ready to answer your doubts.

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Big fruit press
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stainless steel AISI 430 - capacity 5 liters - basket Ø 22 cm.

Small fruit press
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stainless steel AISI 430 - capacity 1,5 liters - basket Ø 14 cm.

Medium fruit press
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stainless steel AISI 430 - capacity 2,5 liters - basket Ø 16 cm.